Traffic Jeet 4 OTO

Traffic Jeet 4 OTO

Today, I’m going to be reviewing Traffic Jeet 4 and OTO.

Traffic Jeet 4 is a video-seo masterpiece. A multi-functional suite that has everything that a marketer needs for video seo. Truly the most powerful video marketing app that anyone has seen in our market.

Let’s be honest here, all the videos you CAN make are useless if you can’t bring traffic to them. Traffic Jeet 4 is a suite of tools for video marketing.

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You will find 6 easy to use applications:

  1. Traffic Jeet
  2. Tube Tracker
  3. YouTube Ad-Keywords
  4. YouTube Best Keywords
  5. YouTube Niche Finder
  6. YouTube Tag Finder.

You can get more traffic, optimize your videos, find the best keywords, spot market trends and much more.

1. Traffic Jeet Core – Find keywords, check stats, analyze other people’s channels and videos. Keep track of your rankings.

2. Tube Tracker – Tracks rankings for videos, channels and keywords.

3. YouTube Best Keywords Finder -Find out which keyword has the most traffic potential.

4. YouTube AD Keywords – Find the best keywords for YouTube ads and get cheap clicks that get you targeted traffic.

5. YouTube Niche Finder – Find the Best Niche for you with the most traffic potential.

6. YouTube Tag Finder – Tap into the research done by other people. See what keywords and tags they have used.

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Traffic Jeet 4 OTO






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Exclusive Bonuses

Now, let’s talk about Traffic Jeet 4 Mega Bonus. Check my huge list of high quality bonuses included in this offer.

Bonus #1

Instazon Aexp Wizard – WORTH – $67

Instazon AEXP Wizard lets you do powerful searches in AliExpress and get a lot of analytical data. It has two segments the Keyword Generator and the Keyword Search. Find relevant keywords with rankings, number of products from ALiExpress for any root keyword with the Keyword Generator. You can use this data to rank for unexplored niches not only for AliExpress but also for Amazon. The Keyword Search segment on the other hand actually lets find you products that are popular for online sale.

Bonus #2

Instazon Product Wizard – WORTH – $97

Instazon Products Wizard is an app that will tell you which are the best selling products on Amazon in any niche you select. The software will list down detailed statistics. You can analyse this data and decide which product you would like to work with. The tool can sort the results field wise and also filter the results on any parameter.

Bonus #3

Instazon Review Wizard – WORTH – $47

Instazon Review Wizard is a unique tool that can analyse reviews of any particular product on Amazon. Know which products are really doing well based on customer feedback and sell them or find similar products. Sort the results by the reviewer, rating, new and old. It also has a word wizard which will give you the occurrences of each word.

Bonus #4 

Instazon Search Wizard – WORTH $67

Instazon Search Wizard is a tool that will help you find top ranking products from Amazon of any niche and any category in no time. You can also sort the results, decide the number of results you want, filter by price and rating. This tool is your perfect companion to find out the products that are rocking a niche and further find out the exact product that you can sell or can work as a great alternative to competition.

Bonus #5

Instazon Keywords Wizard – WORTH – $67

Instazon Keyword Wizard is a tool from the Instazon Software Suite. This tool will help you to quickly research keywords and find out the perfect keyword to target for your Amazon stores. Along with Amazon it can also explore Bing and Google. Not only does this find all the top ranking keywords in the niche you desire but it also calculates a correlating score. The higher the better. Know the sale ability of a product with this awesome tool

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