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Pindrill | Pindrill Review

Here is a demo video that show you how to whole system works.

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PinDrill is the first of it’s kind, an absolutely automatic cloud-based software system for Pintrest.

Pindrill build, manages, pins all your content right from any site, store, blog or any different social media platform you’re making use of. No more multiple uploading sessions across social media sites or scrambling for content; Pindrill will do it all for you. You can instantly create your pintrest account with their absolutely automatic posting feature. Plan your posts out and let the software system post them for you to maximize engagement and sales.

Before Pindrill you would need to manually log-in to Pinterest and upload every image from your site, store or wherever, make a heading and manage your boards and pins daily or hourly if you needed to remain tops of the feed. This is a full time Job.. but not any longer.. Pindrill keeps you at the top of your game on complete autopilot…

Pindrill literally synchronizes your site, blog, online stores with Pinterest and other social media platforms.


You’ll be making sale and most significantly creating a targeted following to sell to from time to  time…

PLUS Pindrill delivers you live analytics and results of every campaign and post, pin and board it creates for you.. So you will see what specifically is working…

But Pin-drill doesn’t stop there you could use the scheduler feature across all the key social media platform..

With much been said about Pindrill, there where GUI errors, weird things with the navigation and things that simply did not work correctly.  I gave the vendors a really hard time when reviewing this and frankly I’m surprised they didn’t get sick of me. Most of these things, the more important ones, have been corrected, though there are a few things that I still feel can be done a bit better which I have call the attention of the developers to.

There are several GUI challenges throughout the software. I also notice glitches with the scheduler feature. I discovered that new posts where overwriting ones in the existing queue. They where deleting them, replacing them. The posts where not going out at the correct times and sometimes not going out at all.  I believe their developer will look into this issues and make amendment.

Although, the aforementioned are things that do not really effect the functionality of the system but things that for sure would have made the system much more polished and refunded if they had done it better.

Well overall, Pindrill works very and I give Pindrill 8 over 10. They indeed have done a good job in creating a system like this.

I was surprised at how fast it did the image search for the keywords I entered. I like the fact that it it allows you to schedule your posts and  basically make your social networks as ‘set and forget’ thing.  Also the searching functionality is very useful. Often its hard to even find content to post to your networks. With PinDrill you can get all the content you could ever want quickly and easily.

Lastly, Pindrill is a good and very useful tool if you are using social media platforms as it will save you a whole lot of time and make using social network much more easier; which will variably drive lots of traffic to your site, blog or store.

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