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InstaNiche Review | InstaNiche Member Area Review

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Welcome to Instaniche review. Today, I’m doing a review of Instaniche right inside the members area. InstaNiche is a cloud based software that researches, customizes, optimizes, monetizes and builds you fully fledged profitable amazon store affiliate sites in just a matter of minutes.


Firstly, I will do a short overview of the Instaniche interface member area.

So once you login you’ll see the screen and you’ll see the number of niches
available to you to create sites and you also see three niches that are randomly picked for you to start with.

On the left hand side you’ll see all the links that you’ll need to get your site created and started.  The first thing you’re going to be doing is you’re going to be setting up your accounts in the My Account’s tab this entails the Domain Settings and your Account Settings they are separate videos that show you how to use them.

You also have the Sites Tab which shows you where all your sites are. It will also show you a Add Site this is where you can add your sites according to what niche you want to get into after you’ve finished setting up your accounts below in the My Account area

Then you have the Instaniche Training which will show you all the videos on how to use the Instaniche system and if you bought the Instainche Academy which is an upgrade, you will have access to the Instaniche Academy. The Instaniche Academy is a video training on the core of SEO and has hours of training.

If you bought the monthly Instaniche Content Syndication, you’ll have access to a very special VIP Facebook group which will give you access to further training, more content and support. If you did not buy this upgrade you won’t have access to it in the dashboard.

Lastly, if you purchase the Commercial License, you’ll be able to download a PDF document that give you the right to sell site(s) created with this software to anyone and keep the profit. The downside I see to this, is that you don’t have the right to resell the software as a product to other people or to your list.

InstaNiche claims to do everything for customers in 5 simple steps, which is true with me actually testing the software.
Step 1 – Research
You simply select from a proven list of hot niches available (250+ different niches), without having to waste time doing any research yourself.

My Review On This – Inside my member area dashboard, I only see 60 niches available as to 250+ niches they claim to be available. I want to believe this area will be updated from time to time with new niches. I have not had opportunity to question the creator of this software on this but I will do; and when I get an answer. I will update this page.

Step 2 – Pick Keywords
InstaNiche presents you with the most relevant, buyer related, low competition keywords. Once you select your main keyword, it will optimise the site around that main keyword, keeping the site natural and google friendly.

My Review On This – I did a test site and I give them 70% on this. And as at the time of writing, some niches did not come up with keywords. I believe this is an error that will be corrected. I will update this page once I call the attention of the creator to this.

Step 3 – Add Content
InstaNiche then automatically adds 100% unique relevant content to your sites based off the keyword you selected, without you ever having to write content from scratch. The content is not spun, it has been written by our in-house professional English team from scratch.

When the content has been used up, it automatically removes that from the queue and new ones are constantly being added. So this way no-one will have the same content or have duplicate content issues.

My Review On This – On this one, I give them 100% as the content added are unique and original.

Step 4 – Add Products
With just a few clicks, it fills up your amazon stores with the hottest, most profitable, best selling products that are proven to sell.

My Review On This – This is true, although I had few glitches but with the help of support. This was a easy spray.

Step 5 – Build Site
 With just one click, it will compile everything for you, host and build you unique quality amazon affiliate sites that are google friendly and monetised to drive sales.
They host the sites for their users, so there’s no monthly fees involved. There’s no need for them to set up wordpress or change name servers on their domains, InstaNiche takes care of all that for them.

This is the all in one solution to the most common problems people face online and we have the angle nailed down perfectly to ensure this converts through the roof.

My Review On This – 100%. The creator of this system nailed it here as I’ve not seen any system that does this.

My Honest Thought On InstaNiche

Going through the software myself, I believe this is a proven business model that can actually make you money if only you can follow it tenaciously. You need to go through the training first for you to understand the system. It become easy to use and follow with the training. Excellent job was done in the training section as it is very understandable.

Sincerely, I highly recommend this. I know they have been a lot of Azon Affiliate products in recent times but Instaniche nails it. It automate the whole Azon affiliate system for you and you can create a stunning and profitable amazon affiliate niche site in minutes.

Overall, over 10. I give this 8.

[thumbsupbox] Approved and Recommended [/thumbsupbox]

One last thing, if you purchase this product through my link below. You will get my no-brainer, no-nosense, bonuses.

Here is a list of my bonuses you will be getting:

Bonus #1: 10 List Building Mistakes: How to Avoid These Email Marketing Killers

This ebook will reveal the top 10 list building mistakes that the majority of email marketers make.  Watch your optin rates, open rates, click-through rates soar after avoiding these conversion killers!

Bonus #2: Affiliate Tutor


With over 18 hours of video training taught by 2 seasoned marketers, you will learn everything you need to become a super affiliate – basic affiliate marketing principles, list building, niche site building, CPA marketing, guerilla marketing and more.

Bonus #3: Lead Gen Pro WordPress Plugin

Build responsive lead generating landing pages that work! No Leak Landing Pages.

Take every opportunity possible to capture the lead of every visitor. Works with any auto-responder. Amazingly simple page setup!

Bonus #4: Facebook Lead Capture

Create Awesome Captures Pages in Your WordPress Blog

Using a simple 3 step system, you can create unlimited custom landing pages using the easy to use admin option panel on all of your wordpress blogs. Includes developer license.

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