Hashflare Promo Code 2017

Hashflare Promo Code

Hashflare was started by the group behind Hashcoins.com, the cloud mining service is somewhat new yet very promising.

The site is easy to use and gives simple to read inputs on your profit.

Costs and Payouts

Costs depend on a level rate of $0.16 per GHs and charges are the most minimal available now with a shocking $0.0008/GHs/day!

Payouts are made once a day (midnight UTC) on your hashflare account, from which you can withdraw as much as you need, when you need. To withdraw will require a ฿0.0003 commission (for miners charges), so it’s logical to not withdraw each day.

You also can decide to reinvest your profit in hashrate. If you decide to do this, your balance will be utilized to purchase new hashrate upon each new payout.

We have promo codes for hashflare on this page – You can benefit from hashflare mining using this hashflare promo code “9AEE5A6E”, you get 10% off on any order you make.


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