FB_IMG_1453636761882I’m Samuel Eleyinte an internet marketer with over 10 years experience in internet marketing business. I love my job with passion that my wife has name my laptop the “Second Wife” because I have the passion to succeed and I did.

I have a wealth of experience in Apps Development, SEO, Website Development and Design, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, CPA Marketing, Graphic Design and Online Business Coach.

I mainly develop and market apps. My big break in online marketing business came September 2013 with app development and since then till now the journey has been sweet.

I have heard bitter experience in the business but my resilient and no giving up spirit has made me a success story today.

I have coached more than 10 student with my Appspreneurship product with success story accompanying it.

I’m a father with two lovely kids, a husband of a beautiful wife and most importantly a pastor.

Follow me on this blog and you will learn how to become successful too.